Interview with Alan Dutton

Alan is a Director of the Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society and taught courses on racism and ethnic relations at Simon Fraser University. Alan conducts research on hate groups and provides workshops to unions, schools and government agencies to prevent the recruitment of youth into destructive groups. He has organized international conferences on racism, authored reports on hate group activity for the Government of BC, the Department of Justice, and conducted anti-racism training for Corrections Canada. Alan has
received awards from the Attorney General of BC for research and community service and served on the BC Advisory Council on Multiculturalism for two terms, and the Advisory Committee of the Canadian Secretariat for the United Nations World Conference Against Racism. Alan chaired the Canadian Secretariat NGO sub-committee on hate on the Internet and served on the Social Science Research Council of Canada for two years. He has appeared as an expert on hate crime on national television in Canada, the United States and Britain.

Listen to Alan’s full interview with Spice Radio here.

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